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EL RO'IY Automotive - Introducing ourselves


The Vision

The vision of EL RO'IY Automotive GmbH is the development and construction of robust, reduced to the essentials and highly capable off-road vehicles in small series. The focus from the very beginning has been on aid organizations and NGOs that provide humanitarian aid in crisis regions or areas that are difficult to access. A vehicle for this target group must be durable as well as easy to maintain and repair. Our goal is to meet these requirements.

The company

Our general focus is on longevity and quality. Our actions are based on these principles:

  • Keep it simple, stupid - simply ingenious solutions
  • Everyone deserves a great design - maximizing utility value for our customers
  • Form follows function - function and design in harmony

The vehicle

From the above principles we derive the core characteristics of the off-road vehicle:

  • Ease of maintenance - common repairs and maintenance must be feasible with on-board and commercially available tools
  • Modularity - through documented interfaces, each vehicle can be adapted to individual requirements and can be modernized in the future
  • Longevity - all components are designed for reliability and durability

More information

We would like to inform you about the current state of development. However, it takes a lot of time to prepare this information in a clear and accessible way. Time that we prefer to invest in the development of the off-road vehicle. We strive to provide you with more content about the vehicle development and the company EL RO'IY in the future.


More information about our 3D printing division can be found on our german website and its Twitter channel.